Making your smile look incredible is not possible if your face isn’t playing it’s part. At iDental, we love to look beyond the teeth to achieve the best result. Our medical rejuvenation procedures are undertaken by Dr. Giulia D’Anna BDSc, MRACDS, FIADFE, Grad. Dip. Derm Ther, Grad Cert IPL.


The iDental Face philosophy
We firmly believe that success of treatment is a joint role. Facial beauty is a combination of complex dermal structures, proportion and skin health. All of us have good face form when we are young, but this can change through environmental exposure, stress, poor diet and many other factors. At iDental, we work to restore and enhance the natural beauty of every face. Many of the techniques and procedures we prescribe have been perfected by our team leader, Dr. D'Anna, who is recognised for her skill in the practice of facial injectable treatment. We use an artistic touch, to create a natural, well-proportioned result, that is perfect for your individual character.
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Face Management
At iDental we have identified the latest, safest and most effective treatments to help prevent and manage the signs of ageing.
Our skin team led by Dr. Giulia D'Anna offers a comprehensive consultation process to develop a unique and individual approach for each client.
We use a wide range of techniques and degrees of intensity allowing us to be completely prescriptive for each individual’s needs. Our face management service encompasses skin care advice about skin products, clinical facials and skin treatments, light and sound treatments, through to collagen induction therapies and structural facial solutions.
At iDental we work with you to bring forward your most natural and lasting beauty.


Anti-wrinkle Injections
Anti-wrinkle Injections are safe and very effective in reducing wrinkles. The Anti-wrinkle solution is a neuromodular protein that temporarily stops the nerve from sending messages to the muscles. As a result, the muscles that cause the skin to crease are relaxed, so the overlying skin becomes smoother.
Injectables are used strategically to relax certain muscles to create an eyebrow lift, reduce a gummy smile, slim the jawline, and to stop the downward pull of muscles on the mouth and neck. Other commonly treated areas are the frown, forehead lines and crows feet.

Gummy smile
When everything else about your smile is right, but the lip position is high, too much gum shows. We can gently drop the lip position to soften your gum display during smiling.

.Some examples of our work:
**All images are actual patients of Dr D'Anna treated at iDental
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Dermal filler
When revolumising an area is your goal, dermal filler injectables are used to plump the skin, filling out creases and boosting your facial features. Popular procedures are augmentation of the cheek, chin & lips, correcting minor asymmetries, and filling the nose-to-lip creases.

The dermal fillers used by Dr. D'Anna are safe and TGA approved, being composed of a naturally occurring skin sugar (HA). Procedures are comfortable with topical or dental local anaesthesia provided. We also use cannula delivery of the filler for lip augmentation, nasolabial fold reduction and tear trough reduction, which results in less bruising and quicker recovery.

.Some examples of our work:
**All images are actual patients of Dr D'Anna treated at iDental
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Thread Lift
Jowls, sagging necks and cheeks are common complaints as we get older. Thread lifts help to redrape sagging skin higher on the face, helping to reduce the skin sag. A thread lift is a minimally invasive and safe procedure. This is a non-surgical procedure. Polypropylene threads (TGA approved) have small cog projections that help to reposition the skin.
This procedure has the advantage of being:
~ Minimally invasive procedure
~ Minimal bruising and scarring and minimal recovery time
~ Able to reposition sagging tissue
There are two main thread types:
1. Lifting Threads: used to lift sagging facial tissue
2. Revitalizing Threads: used to induce collagen in specific areas.
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‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’