The Venus Viva is a safe skin rejuvenation method that utilises Nano Fractional Radio Frequency technology to selectively heat the dermis and initiate collagen remodelling and fibroblast stimulation. Fractional treatments allow uniform, safe and relatively pain free treatments with little or no downtime.
The Venus Viva has two different handpieces that allows two different treatment experiences, one has more discomfort and downtime but provides quicker results, whilst the other is virtually pain free with no downtime but results takes more treatment sessions to become apparent. The face and body can benefit from this treatment. Radiofrequency works by precisely heating the dermis which creates an injury in the skin, the bodies healing response is to create more collagen.
The Venus Viva can be used to treat:
• Acne & other types of scarring
• Reduce Pore Size
• Face and Neck skin tightening
• Wrinkles
• General skin laxity, elasticity loss & rejuvenation